Freedom of Information

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    CopyCertified CopyRecord InspectionSubscription to record on a regular basis

    Will Pick upWill Make own copies on siteMail to address aboveEmail to address above

    Fire DepartmentGeneral

    Labor to copy/duplicateLabor to locateLabor to redactContract Labor to redactLabor to copy/duplicate records on website

    1) Submits an affidavit stating that the individual is indigent and receiving specific public assistance, OR

    2) If not receiving public assistance, stating facts showing inability to pay the cost because of indigence.

    If a requester is ineligible for the discount, the public body shall inform the requester specifically of the reason for ineligibility in the public body's written response. An individual is ineligible for this fee reduction if ANY of the following apply:

    (i) The individual has previously received discounted copies of public records from the same public body twice during that calendar year,

    (ii) The individual requests the information in conjunction with outside parties who are offering or providing payment or other remuneration to the individual to make the request. A public body may require a statement by the requester in the affidavit that the request is not being made in conjunction with outside parties in exchange for payment or other remuneration.

    (i) Is made directly on behalf of the organization or its clients.

    (ii) Is made for a reason wholly consistent with the mission and provisions of those laws under section 931 of the Mental Health Coder 1 914 PA 258, MCL 330.1 931 .

    (iii) Is accompanied by documentation of its designation by the state, if requested by the township.