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Lakeport Township Cemetery

About The Cemetery

Burtchville Township assumed the care and management of the total cemetery in the 1960’s and added considerable area. This is the fourth or “new” section named “Garden of the Good Shepherd” The final day of this record, September 26, 1979, a burial took place. It was Mrs. Frank (Bessie) Bajis (Dec 25, 1894 – Sept 23, 1979).

Quite a few veterans are buried here. Burials are continuing in the older sections Where families have plots. This new section fronts on Burtch Road , and while it is adjacent to the original cemetery, Is separated by a wide ravine. The original Lakeport Church building has been moved to the area and is now a chapel.

The sections south of the main entrance drive were plotted by the “Lakeport Burying Grounds Association”, date unknown. The north section was deeded to the Lakeport Methodist church in 1888 and named the “John Cole” section, presumably because he owned the land in the area, and either sold or gave it to the church. This is Section 20 of Burtchville Township. It is now plotted in four sections, three Of which have visible markers for burials in the 1850’s.

There are visible markers prior to that 1888 date, and doubt-less many more unidentified burials. Jonathan Burtch, his wife Elizabeth, and son, Jonathan J. , who died from wounds received in the Civil War, are buried in the Methodist Section. Also, his brother, Ethan, and other family members. This is the family for whom the township and road are named. The John and Caroline Streeter Cole family and relatives are buried also in this north section.

The only other known Burtchville Township cemetery was located in the north—east corner of the township in the early days of the township, Which was organized in the 1840’s. The markers have completely disappeared and the only family names found are SANDERSON and STREETER. The opinion of area families is that quite a few pioneers of the area were buried there, The location is on the west side of Lakeshore, just south of the Sanilac -St. Clair County line, Fisher Road.

Burtchville Township Cemetery

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*This is Section 20 of Burtchville Township. It is now plotted in four sections, three Of which have visible markers for burials in the 1850’s.

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