Burtchville Township Library

The Burtchville Township library opened on March 19, 2007 after five years of research and development. In 2002, 90% of the township were in favor of a library expansion in the township. Marilyn, Cooper, Barb Joslin, and Pat Moses volunteered to explore the possibility of a full branch library. Meetings were held with Jim Warwick, Anita Jackson, and Brenda Arnold asking what the library needs would be and by October 2003, the steering committee met to set up Friends of the Library.

In June 2005, Sandy White drafted a resolution to the township board asking for a commitment to the Friends of the Library for a building. The board allocated $181,000 for a building and the Friends of the Library committed to raise $50,000 toward the cost of the library. Construction began in June of 2006 and now serves the citizens of Burtchville Township.


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